Veterinary Solutions


Our Commitment is provide a range of diagnostic imaging solutions that can be customized to any facility’s needs and budget.

Veterinary Solutions are:

  • Digital Detector with dedicated software for veterinary
  • Dosimetry Services
  • Radiology Protections

Veterinary Products

Veterinary Software

ExamView Software for Veterinary Industry

ExamVue DR Acquisition Software is a JPI Healthcare designed software for specialized for the highest quality of Veterinary imaging acquisition, processing and industry leading tools for diagnostics in the veterinary environment.

ExamVue DR Acquisition Software comes complete with functions most competitors charge extra for as “options”, including DICOM Modality Worklist and Image Stitching.

ExamVue is designed to provide the best possible technical support to our customers and to keep purchasing costs down. ExamVue DR is indicated for use in general radiology, specialist radiology including podiatry, orthopedic, veterinary and other specialties, and in mobile x-ray applications.

Veterinary X Ray Machines

DynaVue 2-in-1 Veterinary Imaging System

DynaVue is a Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy Solution for Veterinary Interventional Examination and Diagnostics. DynaVue combines User-Friendly Design and Great Image Quality in a Space-Saving Veterinary Specialized Solution. DynaVue features high quality imaging processing that is easily switchable to Live Video Fluoroscopy during your examination for use in multiple diagnostics applications.

DirectVet Digital Radiography

DirectVet is a 110-volt Veterinary Digital Solution that combines our ExamVue Veterinary Software to create a High-Quality System that is easy to use, compact and with ease of installation in limited areas. DirectVet is a entry level but powerful tool for any Vet looking for an Imaging upgrade at an accessible price.

Dosimeters Products

Instadose+ Dosimeters

The instadose+ dosimeter helps Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) save time  managing dosimetry programs by:

  • Eliminating the badge collection process
  • Increasing compliance
  • tracking and controlling dose for high risk employees
  • Reading intervals set for dose trending
  • Alerting e-mails sent when a dose exceeds a user specified level

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) X-Ray Badge Services

The TLD badge is the state of the art technology in radiation monitoring.  Unlike the out of date “film type” x-ray badges that require replacement every month and are processed manually, the TLD badge offers the convenience of three month usage. Each badge has four elements for radiation detection: Two elements are Li2B4O7: Cu radiation response characteristic very close to human tissue and the other two elements are CaSo4: Tm, which are extremely sensitive for radiation detection. 

The TLD badge is small and lightweight. It can be clipped easily to clothing.  Each badge has a control number that is punch coded for easy identification and tracking. You have the advantage of receiving accurate reports from the fully automated reading and reporting process performed by a Panasonic TLD Automatic Reader.  The Panasonic TLD Reader is equipped with a microcomputer that controls self-checking functions to provide the most accurate results.

Ring Dosimetry

Radiation monitoring services are the foundation of any radiation safety program. In facilities where individuals are exposed to radiation as part of their job they are required to wear a radiation dosimeter. These dosimeters ensure that radiation dose is kept below legal limits and allows the radiation safety officer on site to manage each person’s dose to keep it as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). 

Ring dosimeters are perfect for those who handle radioisotopes or perform interventional radiographic procedures. All rings consist of one natural lithium fluoride element and offer immersible, bar coded single-piece construction.  You can work with it anywhere, even in wet environments.