Chiropractors Solutions


Our Commitment is provide a range of diagnostic imaging solutions that can be customized to any facility’s needs and budget.

Chiropractor Solutions are:

  • Digital Detector with dedicated software for chiropractor
  • Dosimetry Services
  • Radiological Protection

Chiropractor Products

Chiropractor Software

XMARU ChiroView

The Xmaru Chiropractic Viewer is a robust viewer that comes with many features and tools for today’s chiropractors.  This stand-alone viewer comes with over fifty advanced measurement tools for today’s chiropractic practice.

This stand-alone viewer comes with the same features as the XmaruView, plus 55 more. The Xmaru ChiroViewer comes with standard features like, DICOM Send, Image Stitching, DICOM Print, Export/Import JPEG and DVD/CD Burning with viewer.

Digital Detector


The 1417PGA/PCA is ergonomically designed with a removable handle that gives the user the option to attach it to either the portrait or landscape position of the detector frame. It can be used in existing x-ray equipment, and its thin dimensions require no modifications to be made to the bucky tray, paving the way for seamless and hassle free digital upgrades. Whether upgrading existing technology or installing a new DR system, the Xmaru 1417 Series is an economical choice for superior image quality.

Standard Features:

  • Advanced auto-trigger signal sensing technology

  • Ergonomically designed removable handle

  • Can easily be retrofitted into a wide range of radiography systems

  • Quick and easy installation

Dosimeters Products

Instadose+ Dosimeters

The instadose+ dosimeter helps Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) save time  managing dosimetry programs by:

  • Eliminating the badge collection process
  • Increasing compliance
  • tracking and controlling dose for high risk employees
  • Reading intervals set for dose trending
  • Alerting e-mails sent when a dose exceeds a user specified level

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) X-Ray Badge Services

The TLD badge is the state of the art technology in radiation monitoring.  Unlike the out of date “film type” x-ray badges that require replacement every month and are processed manually, the TLD badge offers the convenience of three month usage. Each badge has four elements for radiation detection: Two elements are Li2B4O7: Cu radiation response characteristic very close to human tissue and the other two elements are CaSo4: Tm, which are extremely sensitive for radiation detection. 

The TLD badge is small and lightweight. It can be clipped easily to clothing.  Each badge has a control number that is punch coded for easy identification and tracking. You have the advantage of receiving accurate reports from the fully automated reading and reporting process performed by a Panasonic TLD Automatic Reader.  The Panasonic TLD Reader is equipped with a microcomputer that controls self-checking functions to provide the most accurate results.

Ring Dosimetry

Radiation monitoring services are the foundation of any radiation safety program. In facilities where individuals are exposed to radiation as part of their job they are required to wear a radiation dosimeter. These dosimeters ensure that radiation dose is kept below legal limits and allows the radiation safety officer on site to manage each person’s dose to keep it as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). 

Ring dosimeters are perfect for those who handle radioisotopes or perform interventional radiographic procedures. All rings consist of one natural lithium fluoride element and offer immersible, bar coded single-piece construction.  You can work with it anywhere, even in wet environments.

Radiological Protection

 Others radiologist protection products available in accessories link.

X-Ray Aprons

Flex Back Vest x-ray apron features wrap around radiation protection with flex back support and adjustable hook and loop flaps at the waist and shoulder for added comfort and support especially during long procedures.

Collar Thyroids

The Ultra Thyroid Collar is our softest and most flexible offering the best of comfort without the binding. Rear hook & loop closure. Available in our wide selection of nylons, ripstops and designer fabrics.  The ultimate in comfort and our most popular thyroid collar.

Bar-Ray Pediatric Gonadal Radiation Shields

The pediatric gonadal shields are a necessary part of your patient protection routine. These shields are contoured to fit the body proportion of even your youngest patients.