Company Profile

W. Med Solutions is a company aimed at selling biomedical equipment and electronic applications for hospitals and medical offices, including equipment for imaging management. W. Med Solutions counts on highly qualified human resources such as biomedical technician, radiological technologist, services engineers and others.

We are the only company in Puerto Rico to offer the Dosimetry service throughout the island. Likewise, in the preparation and elaboration of a Program of Simulation of Radiological Images for Educational Institutions.

We promote clinical care solutions that satisfy the needs of our customers and prospects.  We believe in making a difference by offering innovation and medical technology solutions through high-tech medical equipment and materials.

  1. Med Solutions’sorganizational culture and philosophy is to offer the highest technology in biomedical equipment and applications for hospitals and medical offices at a competitive price.

Our Vision

Be a company leader in the market on promoting cost-effective equipments and accessories solutions in the Radiology and Cardiology fields with the highest quality and service, creating value and marking the difference in our service.

Our Mission

To offer a variety of Radiology and Cardiology equipment, software and accessories at competitive price integrated with a quality and excellent personalized service that surpassed your expectations.



Our values accompanied with our passion to achieved the success in our company are:

Integrity: To offer guaranteed services.

Responsibility: To bring a personalized service.

Innovation: To be up to date with the latest technology.

Quality: To provide high quality products at affordable prices.