The Instadose + Dosimeter with “Smart MonitoringTM” technology is a digital radiation monitoring device that is transforming the way personnel are monitored and protected from overexposure to radiation.

Why Instadose +?

INSTANT … Access to dose readings and measurement data in real-time instantly. Bluetooth technology allows you to transmit easily, remotely, and instantaneously through smart devices, PCs, and reading stations around your clinic.

ACCURATE … Measurements based on “Direct Ion Storage (DIS)” technology, which allows high sensitivity and precision on your doses

SMART…  Administration and compliance, eliminating the need to collect, return and redistribute dosimeters for processing. Smart reporting and reporting allow high dose exposures and abnormalities to be identified quickly according to Radiological Health and NRC standards.

Automatic and wireless does capture, remote transmission

Instadose + dosimeters have a built-in memory chip with a unique serial code that is assigned to the user.
The cumulative radiation dose is stored in the Instadose + dosimeter, transmitted via Bluetooth technology, and processed through Mirion’s patented industry-leading dosimetry algorithm. This fully automated data transfer minimizes the possibility of human error and misidentification

Online access anytime
Users have the flexibility to view their current and historical radiation dose information online at any time, from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.

To enable online account access, the user must first register at after receiving their Instadose + dosimeter.
During the registration process, the Instadose + client and driver are installed on the users’ computer and their dosimeter is initialized for use. Users also have the option to download the Instadose® mobile app to a smart device (phone or tablet) to access the account online.

When a user needs to see their dose reading, they simply log in to their account, download their data, and click “Read Device.” Once completed, a graphical representation of the current dose will load on the screen.